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    Cam software, lack of interest

    Hello to all,

    Well buying a mill turn lathe, and asked about Cam software,

    So big players to small, and i have had to chase all but Sprutcam.
    I emailed all of them to start, then phoned the area saleman whos number i was given, explaining what we were doing, waited a day a followed up by sending them some simple STEP file parts, and asked them to show the flow of creating the part in a video.
    I then followed up with another email asking if they had had any success.

    Sprutcam again came back with videos, after another call, Solidcam are doing a video link demo, Featurecam it seems are busy, and Mastercam, well who knows.

    Cant believe the lack of interest, so any other ideas, or is Sprutcam a good choice?

    Regards Man shaking his head.

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    Re: Cam software, lack of interest

    Fusion 360 would be worth a look. Pretty much does it all.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Cam software, lack of interest

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Dawson View Post
    Fusion 360 would be worth a look. Pretty much does it all.

    I have been a Sprutcam user for years and get good results. Started with it before Fusion was available and because it was a tool I PAID for I was going to use it!. Newest version is by far the best and easy for ME to be productive. That said I learned just about every single thing I know about the program myself! Fusion has thousands of training videos to help you do just about anything. Sprutcam has a couple dozen at most and recently added more training videos in last 2 months then in the last 4 years. Most of this I bet is a because of competition from and direct market share loss from users going to fusion 360 or other programs.

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