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    Spin too large; check machine ID file

    I've been running my 3D router with a fixed speed spindle motor and set the speed in the tool section at 3000rpm. Everything worked well.
    I'm now using a 3phase motor controlled by a VFD and this works OK using the tool stting window up to 10000rpm. My spindle can run up to 18000 revs but when i input this I get the title message, "Spin too large; check machine ID file".
    I can't find the file to change!
    I'm using LinuxCNC as a controller and with the exception of this speed issue it works great with SolidCAM.
    I can change the gcode manually to give me 18000 rpm but that defeats the object.
    Help please.

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    Each Solidcam post processor has 2 files. A *.GPP File containing the code outputs and a corresponding *.VMID file that contains information about the machine and spindle speed. You will need to edit this to no lounger get that message. I hope this helps.

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