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    Looking for first inspection article inspection software

    Hopefully someone can help me out, I am trying to find a software package that helps generates first article inspection sheets. Currently we are doing this manually in excel and it just is not the best way. Any suggestions on software that either imports solidedge files or is integrated into solidedge? I have seen a package called Inspectionxpert that ties into solidworks and looks great but of course it doesn't play quite as well well with Solidedge. Any suggestions are welcome, we are just trying to find a better way.

    Look forward to the responses.

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    Re: Looking for first inspection article inspection software

    hy a bit late, i know ... i posted a thread somewhere and this was inside the "similar threads list"

    i can not give you a straight answer to your question ... i only can say this : in mechanics i encounter technical drawings with dimensions auto-generated

    1) dimensions are not always right, generally because cad users have no clue about how that part will work, and in the end is a "futuristic design" that is harder to craft, because it was designded without knowing how the part is done cad & technology must go hand in hand, so to say

    2) autogenerated tolerances again, a big wall : because they require more precision where actually is not required, thus more machining for nothing, and also they may miss the critical dimension chain that makes the part work

    so an inspection list should be dependant on crafting technology

    knowing cad and knowing technology is not always a lucky combination inside someone

    but, there are big chances for "knowing / mastering" one & "understanding" the other, like active inside one domain and passive inside another ... this skill combination has more chances to be inside someone

    pls find attached an inspection list for machining mass production parts on cnc

    also, if you wish, please share the inspection list "your way" kindly !
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    Re: Looking for first inspection article inspection software

    one more thing, also about mechanical parts ( at least ) : after part sketch / solid is ok, the technology for crafting it is written inside a manual, that contains a lot of intermediate techincal drawings, with fixtures recomandations, tools and intermediate control, accepted deviations, and others

    this allows fast implementation, and the "inspection list" is contained inside this manual ... this is the "cherry on top"

    few dare changing such documents, because this involves knowing the overall scene

    i just found this; hope it helps :

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