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    Is There Anything That Is Lazycam'ish?

    Hi everyone.

    I'm using Mach3 and Lazycam. I just made the 'mistake' of updating Lazycam to the newest beta release but my settings were not carried over and it's screwed things up for me again.

    Lazycam was putting the lead ins into the work piece, so I downloaded the newest release onto my work computer and it did what I needed it to. So I put it onto a thumb drive and loaded it onto my oxy/fuel table computer and it messed things up. Other than the lead in problem I had it running well but now I'm getting the "radius to end of arc differs from radius to start of line#" again.

    I have changed the IJ mode to absolute in both Lazycam and in Mach3 but I was still getting the message. I may have just been getting frustrated and overlooked something but it's very annoying. I had just got my table running correctly and had cut some pieces then screwed it all up again.

    I have been creating my .DFX drawings with Qcad and find it easy to use so I decided to download the Qcad/CAM and give it a shot. It seems ok but the need to enter new tool specifics every time you start a new drawing instead of it remembering the tool and you just picking it is annoying. I'm looking for a program that's easy to use, like Lazycam, but less buggy. I don't care if I need to pay for it but there has to be something easier to use. My guys have already said, after watching me messing around, that they don't know much about computers and what I'm doing looks complicated. I have the time to mess around and figure things out, my guys do not and do not have the want to.

    I used to use Burny when I first started out and I found it very easy. You just clicked on the vectors to tell it whether they were internal or external, the tool (burning tip) kerf and size was already set in there to you just sent it to the post processor and it was good to go.

    Also I'm limited by my table computer as its a Pentium 4, 2ghz with Windows XP pro. 32bit. What is out there that is 2D, has plasma specific settings in it (in inches, Qcad has only plasma in mm??) that I can set and forget the tool specifics and is easy to learn/teach? I need plasma or oxy/fuel specific so that I don't need to go into the gcode every time to add dwell code for preheat.

    Lazycam is almost there. Why is it not developed along with Mach3?

    Any ideas are very much appreciated.

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    Re: Is There Anything That Is Lazycam'ish?

    So I'll answer my own question and say that SheetCam is the answer. It just works! And it works on my older machine just fine too.

    I had Qcad, SheetCam and Mach3 open with no issue. Though if you have the dxf drawn already, you don't need Qcad open.

    Once you have your tool parameters saved it takes about 4 clicks of your mouse to go from your dfx to a saved gcode file and each one has run in mach3 flawlessly so far.

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    Re: Is There Anything That Is Lazycam'ish?

    Lazycam is almost there. Why is it not developed along with Mach3?
    Mach3 development stopped about 5 years ago. LazyCAM years before that. It was never any good, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ger21 View Post
    Mach3 development stopped about 5 years ago. LazyCAM years before that. It was never any good, imo.
    It seemed to work ok at first. But it had a habit of getting your hopes up then glitching. Sheetcam is now doing exactly what I need it to AND has nesting built in.

    I can’t upgrade to Mach4 on the machine I have and don’t want to go through what I just have to set up my machine again. It’s all old tech but it now does what I need it to do.

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