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    Unhappy Mazak QT100SG Alarm 406 - Memory Protect

    Hi All,

    I am having some issue with my mazak QT100 smooth C control.

    I am unable to edit or write any new programs as when you try to do so, this alarm comes up saying 'memory protect', I and the other operators of this machine have not set a password and would not know how to even do so. Can anyone help with this issue please.
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    Re: Mazak QT100SG Alarm 406 - Memory Protect

    I'm not familiar with this control and may sound stupid but does that control have a key switch on the panel like older machines to stop operators changing programs?
    Regards Bob

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    Re: Mazak QT100SG Alarm 406 - Memory Protect

    Its always the simple things you feel everyone should know. So here are my stupid questions.
    Did you bypass any of the safety locks?
    Is the control in edit mode?
    Did you reset before you tried it? Make sure the program is not still in run mode.
    Is it a G-Code program, or Mazatrol?

    We once had a mazak QT30 that would only run Mazatrol. The company that had the machine before us ordered it that way.

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