Hi all,

Got a Trumpf Trumatic 260 CNC punch, vintage 1988.
Based in Nottinghamshire, UK.

It has absolutely ZERO documentation or diagrams...

I'm really really hoping someone out there has either got some experience with these machines or knows where to get some docs from.
Quite prepared to pay someone to scan the relevant few pages for me if they have them.

It's had various issues with aging TTL ICs, relays, etc but the current problem is mechanical (I think).


When starting the machine it needs to home all axis before it'll do anything.
It has X and Y for moving the work, two C axis; an upper and lower for punch and die rotation, and a W axis for the tool changer.

The W axis tries to home but keeps counting up to 360 then rolls over to 0 and keeps going.

It appears to be driven by a servo in an awkward place under the machine. From what I can see the servo drives a small pinion gear that drives a much larger gear that rotates the tool magazine. From the tool magazine side it looks just like a car starter motor ie probably >1:30 ratio.

It appears as though the feedback from the servo is used to derive the 0-360 angle displayed on the control.
There are various limit switches on the rotary toolchanger.

Since the angle feedback changes but the tool changer doesn't move it appears to be a sheared spider or bellows coupler between the servo motor and the pinion. Everything is hidden inside a very complicated lump of steel so its impossible to actually see whats going on.

There MAY be a way to unbolt the servo and pull it out without having to dismantle loads of rigid hydraulic lines and other horrible stuff, although space is VERY tight indeed.
I'm concerned that if I pull the servo and replace the coupler I'll end up out of synch in some way.

Due to Covid there is currently no way to get an outside party involved. The maintainance company we've used before are not answering their phones.

I'll get a couple of photos up tomorrow in case that helps. I tried to take them with my phone but it was hopeless due to tight angles, reflective surfaces, and lighting.

This machine is a bottleneck in several processes and we desperately need to get it going again as soon as we can.

Any and all help gratefully recieved!