We are cnc manufacturing companies, manufacture and export CNC machined parts, CNC milling parts, CNC turned parts.
The components we machine cover such fields as machinery, robots, aviation, automotive, electronics, medical, and communications, with many kinds of materials utilized including plastic, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium alloys. We also can handle surface-finish handling, with processes like anodising, electroplating, spraying, and polishing available.
cnc milling services | custom milled parts Include but not limited to:
Aluminum alloy: 6060, 6061, 6082,7075, 2014.
Brass alloy, Bronze alloy, Copper, Titanium alloy.
Steel: 1010, 1018,1020, 1045,12L14,4140, 4130,42CrMo
Stainless steel: 303, 304, 316, 316L, 17-4, 17-4PH
Plastics: ABS, Acetal, Delrin, Nylon, HDPE, Polypropylene,PET, PTFE, PVC, Teflon
We supply best wide-range of metal machining service.
1.Application: metal parts for electronic component, office equipment, auto parts, computer, mobile phone, etc.
2.After confirming that the purposes of the cooperation and the related business work flows have been achieved, the company will arrange for engineers to conduct an audit of the engineering drawings and process planning. During the stage of component product processing, a single member of staff on site constantly sends information about component processing and quality guarantees back to professionals (while quality control is conducted). This is to ensure — from the perspective of such questions as fitness for business purpose in accordance with the latest component trends and timeliness of feedback of the actual on-site situation to the client’s product processing schedule — that it can quickly complete production of the component while guaranteeing quality and quantity.
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