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    Exclamation Help or suggestion regarding enroute software

    Hi All

    I am bit awkward situation. I had licence for enroute 5.1 and was using it for 5 years. Reseller in our place was asking for yearly support but I did not bother as software was working fine.

    Recently at work, worker drove forklift on safenet usb key required to make it work. it got damaged and software did not work without it. I sent massage through sai website and I contacted by local re-seller (it was same who was contacting me in past for paid support). He mentioned the they do not provide usb key any more so get the usb by yourself or upgrade to latest. He tried to sell me latest version and I am not in good financial situation so I arranged the similar old safenet usb. After I contacted to reseller, he still wanting to sell me more and I just wanted to stay as it is and get that fixed and we had bad argument(really bad from me). Dont want to call them and even I call 100% he wont help.

    Now he do not want to help and as I dont have support either so can force. I have software installed and new key as well and want to fix as it is. I have password (around 20-25 digits) but dont know how to get that work. Key is not recognized. After searching, I installed safenet drivers but enroute still does not work. Someone said I need to reinstall but I could not find installation disk and online either. Could someone help I can fix it without paying and going to version 6.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Help or suggestion regarding enroute software

    Dear Kamkaar,

    Do you want EnRoute5 installer?
    Can you send your contact details?

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    Re: Help or suggestion regarding enroute software

    Hi. EnRoute 5.1 is still a supported software version. Are you still having an issue?

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