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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tree > Magazine Position Problem on Tree VMC-800
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    Magazine Position Problem on Tree VMC-800

    We have a VMC-800 Tree Mill with TPC-2100 Control System. We have faced a problem with tool changer that we could not figure it out. The magazine advance 1 step more that what it is supposed to go to. For instance if it is supposed to go to tool number 2, it goes to tool No. 3 and then the control system stops the machine as it recognizes that the tool changer is not in the correct position. So the control recognizes the fault but any time we reset, we will have the exact same problem, I do appreciate if anyone could help us to rectify this.

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    Re: Magazine Position Problem on Tree VMC-800

    sorry hadn't been on in while to respond and just saw this... I have same control on a VMC-750 Tree, not a ZPS machine. Anyway does it cycle through the Tool alignement OK on startup?

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