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    OpenDMIS - Master SubForum

    Hi Everyone!

    I noticed a post on here that was quite outdated and figured I'd start a new one for those of us here that use OpenDMIS.

    I've been using the software for about 3 years now (as of 2020) with the PH-10 & PH-20 heads off the 6.9v software (Wenzel / Renishaw hardware), although other versions are probably similar enough for discussion.

    Please feel free to contact me on the fourm for help and hopefully others can help me out, especially on the more advanced programming aspects of the software - including complex geometric surfacing and 5-Axis/Scanning.

    Best Regards,
    John Ouellette

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    Re: OpenDMIS - Master SubForum

    Hey John I'm new to OpenDMIS, I've been using PcDMIS forever. And in pcdmis you can create what's called a "generic feature". I was wondering if I could create a generic feature (In particular a generic circle) in OpenDMIS like I can in PcDMIS?

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    Re: OpenDMIS - Master SubForum

    I hope youre still active with this! I am looking for some Q&A about programming offline. I am using 7.1 Ph10M head. I was using 6.9 until November 2020

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