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    Cincinnati Milacron Horizontal Machining Centers

    Hello to All
    I have a Cincinnati Milacron Horizontal Machining Center, when I power on to run the machine, I got the following error on the screen.
    ''ALERT CODE 19085''

    Anybody have an idea, what is error means. I don't have any sort of programming manuals.

    your help is highly appreciated.

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cincinnati Milacron Horizontal Machining Centers

    ...what is the Control Model number?

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    Re: Cincinnati Milacron Horizontal Machining Centers

    Bapoo, On the Electrical door there is a machine Serial number; Model Type and Wiring diagrams number. Record these. On the front face of the control is the type, such as A950 or 850SX. The Alarm is described in the 'Diagnostics' Manual for that particular machine. In the Service Screen it lists the BASE and MCL Software which will help if we can cannot locate the Diagnostics manual. Contact Cincinnati Tech-Support at Fives-MSI. 1-800-934-0735 Tech-Support-Cincinnati.

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