Hello All,

About 10 years ago, from Imserve, I bought servos, controller system, probe, etc, including extra parts to build a cnc router, and fit my shoreline lathe and mill. One of the reasons for this project was the hope that someday I would have the time to build a brass gear clock from scratch, a life long passion.

Well the time is here after about a dozen uses, I am dead in the water.

The Deskcnc software tries twice to make connection and then states "controller detected" but then open software in cam mode with a timed out message.

As others have said, users of this system are an island on to oneself.

I am trying hard to figure out how to swap out my Deskcnc controller for a mach 3 or something and still use my servo mothers and drivers?

Does any have any interesting stories or advice about Deskcnc?