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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Surfcam > sending Gcode back into Surfcam
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    sending Gcode back into Surfcam

    Hi everyone
    can anyone help me figure out if its possible to open a Gcode file in surfcam and get the toolpaths from it?
    I have a program that I want to edit in surfcam but don't have the original surfcam file, is it posible to open it in surfcam to view and edit the toolpaths?

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    Re: sending Gcode back into Surfcam

    You can't open a machine file in Surfcam. The best you can do is convert a G code program into an APTCL file using the surfcam file editor EditNC. Then you'd need to understand APTCL to make edits. Once the machine program is in APTCL format, you can then repost it using a different post processor...

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