Good morning!
We bought a 1993 FANUC Robocut Alpha 0a machine with Fanuc 16WA controller a few years ago and are just now getting to powering it up ( long story..). It was running before it was moved as I saw it running. When we power it up now we are getting some errors. When the guy unhooked the wiring he took pictures and marked everything and from what I can tell it is back like it was. The alarms I am getting are
510 Which the books says it Overload signal for X axis motor
516 Which the book says is for X axis digital servo detection system
520 Overload signal for Y axis
526 Y axis digital servo detection system.

It also says the the cause is indicated but Alarm 2 for the 510 and 520 errors and Alarm 1 for the 516 and 526 errors.
I have looked at these and cant really figure it out. I assume that where the 1 is on the Alarms tells what t he cause is but on Alarm 2 the spots where the 1 is don't have anything listed.

When I bring up the Alarms on the screen here is what I see
Alarm 1 10000000
Alarm 2 00101001
Alarm 3 10000000
Alarm 4 00000000
Alarm 5 01100000

If someone can help me decipher all of this and point me in a direction to start checking things I would appreciate it.