Gather a few machinists together, discuss with them about the advantages and disadvantages of a manual lathe as opposed to CNC lathe machining.
Close the door and hear what they are talking about. You can deduce that what they talk will be which one will be better between manual machine and CNC lathing machine. And their discussion will be fierce.
The question is not whether a CNC milling machine is fundamentally superior or inferior to a standard manual lathe machine–both are simply gears that help a technician get the job done.
The only important issue is which one is better for designated product according to their purposes.

Right or Wrong: CNC Lathe Machining or Manual?

It’s is not important to compare which one is much better. However, the work at hand should be taken into account. There are reasons in which it makes boundlessly more sense to use a completely automatic CNC machining center (for the record, “CNC” stands for “Computer Numerical Control.” ) rather than a manual mill.
If one has received an order for a high number of ambiguous entities, then using a CNC lathe to stir them is the only workable and rational technique: one can lock the design into CNC lathe device, flick a button, and then leave the engine for hours or even overnight knowing that by the command will be accomplished in the next morning. However, there are other times when using a manual lathe machine might create much more logic.
This case only happens when one has only an object to produce. If one works in a machining axis that typically address minor orders, then the time technician spends setting up the programming of an all-round vertical machining axis to complete a one-time job may take as much time as using a manual mill!
Correspondingly, even if one finds out the colossal value of CNC lathe machining techniques, they are still much pricier than manual milling machines.
Thus, a careful cost-benefit analysis must be taken before deciding the preparation of machining axis. The questionable shortcoming to using manual lathe machines over CNC lathes is whether the machinists have enough experiences.