I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but I am having trouble with a program on my CNC table. Using AutoCad I made a drawing/dxf file to make several cutouts in the shape of a horseshoe that are all supposed to be uniform in size. The horseshoes are all single lines that don't connect end to end, so they are left open on purpose. My problem is that when I transfer the file to my CNC machine, the cutouts lose their uniformity. (I.E. every other cutout is slightly larger than they are supposed to be.) I know for a fact that in the original program they were all uniform because I made one and copy pasted the rest in a column. The computer I made the program on still shows that they are uniform, so the change only happens when I transfer it to the CNC. The difference is too noticeable, so I can't just leave it as is. The distortion shows on both the preview screen of my CNC machine and while actually cutting the part.

For reference, my CNC is Burny Phantom and, as I said, the program was made in AutoCad. The file is saved in AutoCAD 2013 DXF format.

Thanks for any help!