One laser cutting machine is worth SIX Sets丨See how this company quickly occupied the market!

"We used to have 8 sawing machines, but now only 2 are left, which has also greatly improved the cutting quality."
What kind of equipment makes this company full of praise? Take a look.
This is a leading company in China's commercial space display industry with a history of 17 years. We always insist on customer first and quality first, and have extremely high requirements for product quality and dimensional accuracy.

"We want to replace labor with equipment" As early as 2008, the chairman of the company first proposed the introduction of automated equipment. With this courage, we gradually gained an absolute advantage in the industry and walked in the forefront of the industry.
When the original equipment could not meet the requirements of higher precision and higher ergonomics, we decided to add more equipment in 2018 and chose to purchase the HSG Laser TM65 very small tube laser cutting machine.
"After purchasing the Hongshan TM65, our factory is most intuitively missing 6 sawing machines. Originally, only 2 of the 8 sawing machines were left. That is to say, TM65 replaced 6 machines and 6 workers. And there is no need to cut again after cutting. Grinding treatment has achieved great breakthroughs in quality and processing efficiency." Manager Zhao said with satisfaction.

"We are mainly doing high-end commercial showcases. Customers are first- and second-tier high-end brands. They have strict requirements on product quality, appearance, and precision." Commercial display props are mainly small tubes, and the range of pipe diameters that can be processed by the equipment is realized. The machining accuracy, speed and length of tailings are the focus of the original purchase of equipment.

HSG Laser TM65 fully automated professional laser tube cutting machine, specially developed for cutting very small tubes. The smallest round pipe that can be processed is φ10mm, the processing accuracy is as high as ±0.1mm, and the chuck speed of 170r/min is the fastest compared with the industry pipe machine. The shortest tail length is 125mm, which greatly saves materials and fits the company's processing needs.

Talking about another reason for choosing Hongshan: “Of course, the fast processing speed of Hongshan’s equipment and timely service response speed are also our guarantee. The fast response ensures our normal production. This has strengthened my understanding of HSG Laser. Trust." Manager Zhao said.

Driven by technology innovation, occupy the commanding heights of the industry

"Customers come to make samples, we can quickly sample samples within 1-2 days. In addition, our high processing efficiency, fully automated professional laser cutting equipment guarantees the consistency of quality." Reduce manual operation and rely on technological innovation brought by automated equipment With the multi-dimensional advantages of high precision, high efficiency and high automation, we will seize the commanding heights of industry development and become the industry leader!

For the company, the unremitting pursuit of technology and efficiency is an important path for continued development of territory in the future. For HSG, respecting the interests of customers, continuing to create value for users, and becoming a respected company in the field of global metal forming equipment is the direction and eternal mission of HSG. HSG will continue to walk with customers in the past, present and future, and grow together with customers!