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    Okuma MX-55 With U10M Control System

    Hii Everyone

    here i have okuma made VMC MX-55 with U!0M control system.
    i have a problem with Rotary table axis called A axis,when we run rotary axis in cycle mode, it rotate 360 degrees. But some times 1 or 2 times out of 10 it rotates and return to 358 degrees and stop without any alarm and there is no stop in auto cycle, cycle run continously.

    so please help me to figure out problem i will be very thankfull to u all.

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    Re: Okuma MX-55 With U10M Control System

    I would check the encoder to make sure that it is tight on the shaft. 2nd check the Actual position display to see if when it is at 358 degrees that the actual position values of RCON(command), RAPA(actual feedback), and RDIF(difference of actual and commanded) show 360, 360, and 0. If they show 360, 358 and 2, they you most likely have binding in your A axis.

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