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    milling chuck jaws

    I'm looking for suggestions for dimensions to bore out a set of jaws on our new SL30 with a 15" Kitagawa chuck. We have only used an old Monarch till now, so I don't know if I should try to get close to the older jaws, or if there is a "generic/standard" I should try to copy. Grip range is anywhere from 1/2" diameter to 14". I have multiple sets of soft jaws on order, I'm just looking for a starting point. Any help would be great.

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    I built jaws for a kitigawa chuck for an Okuma if it is the same tooth profile it should be 60 degrees 1.5 mm apart and like a pitch diamater as closely toleranced as you want it

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    Red face

    Oh you want to bore jaws haaaagh

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    Don't mean to sound silly, but, why not jsut bore the jaws to a diameter that matches the job/s you intend to do?
    Why spend time, money and effort boring a heap of jaws to generic diameters that you may or may not use?

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    I agree, boring random diameters defeats the purpose of soft jaws. You can keep re-boring/re-facing the jaws until there's pretty much nothing left, or save a couple at specific sizes for jobs you run frequently.

    If you want a set of "generic" soft jaws, just bore them like a set of master jaws, either turn the jaws (face out) to put a convex surface on them, or open them up to the maximum OD the chuck is capable of and bore at that diameter. The concentricty for either of these options is horrible compared to jaws bored in place to a diameter.
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