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    Saving maztrol programs back to computer ?

    Hello everyone
    I am new to mazaks/maztrol,1 year with new company.28 years with g gode progs on wide variety of cnc lathes and maching centers.
    Right now Running Mazak integrex t32-2 60 tool mag, when I want to save a maztrol prog I use thier micro disk system with 6 tracks per disk and 2 progs
    per track, total of 12 progs per disk. Make for a lot of disks, and kinda prehistoric.
    1. I find it hard to belive that I can't just make some folders on my work station computer and save maztrol progs back to computer. But nobody that
    works there knows how.

    2. Also am I correct in assuming that to use G70-G76 lathe canned cycles
    when programming in ISO/G code that my machine needs optional software???
    The manuels for the machine say that the control will accept the canned cycles

    Thanks for any help

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    #1: Yes you can. Just set up the RS-232 port (should have one) to communicate with the Mazak and you can simply save programs back to a PC. You might want to hunt down a parameter book but the settings are in the "G" parameters starting from G1. I've heard of a couple T32s w/o a RS port (disk only) but I've never seen one.

    #2: EIA is an option, but if you're already using it, I'm not sure about the canned cycles as an option. Wouldn't take much to simply type in code and try them....
    It's just a part..... cutter still goes round and round....

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