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    Re: Using mill table manually,, mach3 DRO readout

    Quote Originally Posted by CitizenOfDreams View Post
    I personally pretty much abandoned manual milling. Takes me no longer than a minute to make a simple shape in CamBam and output the G-code file.
    Same here. I also find find that the Mach3 wizards let you quickly set up many jobs that would normally be done manually.

    Still once in a while I run into something, mostly when modifying or repairing something. Just the other day I had to widen a clearance slot in a part for a bolt head - clamped the part in the vise, quickly zeroed it in. and then used the pendant to manually control the cut. The whole process didn't take more than a couple minutes.
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    Re: Using mill table manually,, mach3 DRO readout

    I find the lagginess and extra steps of jumping into the wizards, generating code, coming out and running it to be a PITA for simple stuff. And running back and forth between the CAM on my computer in the house and the machine in the shed gets tired for simple things too.

    For me, if it's simple shapes that are combinations of arcs and lines, I'm pretty happy to just enter the g-code manually on the MDI interface. It's quick and easy once you get your head around the g-code and that learning has big advantages in checking CAM output code, altering POST configs, writing custom Mach macros etc.

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    Re: Using mill table manually,, mach3 DRO readout

    I use a Vista CNC pendant. Easy to specify jog steps or speed and IMO the simplest way to "manually" mill simple cuts or surfacing.

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