I got a 1220XL from a guy who did not want it anymore, (for 150.00, and a 3 hour truck ride both ways!)

However I am just getting into machining. I have already added a DC motor with controller to the 3-1, and also a Taculator.

I want to know has anyone converted the milling table to a power feed table, how did you do it, what kind of motor did you use, controller and such?

Even if no one has done this, has anyone done this on a 3-1 and have suggestions for the kind of motor to use, and controller. Also any incite on how to mount the motor to the feed screw since it does not protrude from the side. I want to keep the hand wheel for manual work but want the power feed as well. I know this can be done but tracking down the right kind of motor and contoller is the biggest hurtle right now. Next I will want to look at the mounting and maybe overload protection, micro switches for over feed protections and such. Thank you all and this is a great forum!