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    Drain Tube Problem

    I am assembling a new Shopmaster Patriot. It appears there is a problem with the design of the drain tube for the coolant system. The flanged drain tube mounts above the pan. It will sit about 1/8 inch proud, and therefore not drain 1/8 inch of coolant from the pan. This will mean approximately a gallon of coolant will not drain from the pan.

    It also does not appear the pan is sloped to the drain.

    Has anyone mounted the flange below the pan, with an o-ring or rubber gasket and sealed the bolt holes?

    If not, how do you drain your coolant from the pan?

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    There is a section in the manual called " preparation of your bench" it tells you to place the tube on the under side with bolts on top and use silicone to seal around it.

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