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    fadal vmc 15 spindle lube


    I have a '97 VMC 15. (just bought it, my 1st). What's the story on spindle lube? I can see the way lube system, and that makes sense. I still need to test that lube is flowing in all lines, but I don't understand the spindle lube system, if it has one. I have searched forums and see where guys talk about grease pack systems but I want to make sure that I lube the machine properly.

    There are 2 regulators mounted below the service disconnect switch. A 1/4" line goes from one of the regulators to a black manifold mounted to the bottom of the transformer cabinet. The line changes to 1/8" inside/1/4" outside and goes up to the column and then down to the spindle and attaches to the spindle at the lower right (+x). This line blows air when the spindle is running. Is this line supposed to be lubricated?

    The previous owner had 3/4" pipe supplying the machine with a Filt/Reg/Lub. that supplied air to "Fadal installed" regulators. I don't know if he was running lube for all the solenoid valves, and the spindle or ?.?.?.

    If it supposed to getting lube, what type of oil should I use.
    The manual isn't very specific on spindle lube.



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    The standard spindle on the VMC 15 is a 7500 rpm setup. The spindle itself is a grease pack spindle and requires no lube. If there is the optional air/oil spindle setup there will be a seccond oil resevouir just above the way lube res. It would used DTE 797 steeam turbine oil.


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    Thanks Neal,

    And I also learned today that the airline I have is to pressurize the spindle area to keep out contaminants.

    Thanks again,


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    Hi Im new in this forum , I can not find where to make new post , so I decide to ask this way. Can somebody show me how to?


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