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    Anyone tried a Smoothstepper?

    Hi all,

    I was just researching to see if anybody out there has tried a Smoothstepper?
    I'm thinking of adding one to my machine. I'd like to get some feedback first. Positive and negative will both be appreciated.

    Will this speed up my feed rates? I've read that a usb connection produces much stronger signals than a parallel port. Does this transfer to more speed and accuracy or not?

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    Ask over on the mach forum, or the smoothstepper forum.
    I asked someone with video's on utube. From what he said everything was much smoother and he increased his rapids till it got scarey;-)

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    Oct 2008
    Thanks, Sometimes scary fast is good (mostly with race cars though)


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    I have 2 smooth steppers. One is on a Smithy Granite with Flashcut CNC Kit. I got rid of the flashcut stuff and converted to smoothstepper and G540. I have not used it much but its super easy to setup and I can run it from my LAPTOP! The other smoothstepper I have is for an ongoing project I haven't finished yet. I did however test it with a G250 and I spun a nema23 up to 6000 RPM with it. It seems super smooth, no pun intended.

    The setup is pretty darn simple. Just install a couple drivers and you are ready to go. It sets up just like the P port in mach. Some of the advanced features are still under development but it is working fine for what I am doing right now. If you want to know what the current status is, check the forum on their site: www.warp9td.com . Greg (the creator) is pretty active on updating new features and has been responsive to my questions.

    Well worth the price in my opinion.

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