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    Convert obj or 3ds file to stl


    Im looking for a way to convert .3ds or .obj files to .stl format.

    Does anyone know of a free app to do this? Google is only giving programs that convert from stl to the unwanted formats!

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    3d exploration is a freeware viewer which will convert files
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    thanks for the fast reply. Is there a way to change the model in the app?

    for example, I have a model of a human head and i only want the face, so want to get rid of all points past a certain point on one axis

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    Hi Adam,

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I saw that you didn't get an answer. I'm developing a free web based file converter which will convert 3ds or obj files to stl.

    You can find the converter at 3DTransform.com - 3D Printing File Converter.

    In addition to converting the file, it will optionally render an image of the new .stl file.

    Hope this helps!

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