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    4th Axis CNC Rotary Indexer Table Plans

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to let you know that Modular CNC just released a new set of plans. These new plans are for a 4th Axis CNC Rotary Indexer Table. The plans give all the needed information to make your own affordable indexer. Info includes drawings, part number, and vendors. Let me know what you think. The plans are available for $5.99 and can be purchased through Scribd.com via Paypal. They are available for immediate download after payment.



    Modular Cnc 4th Axis Rotary Indexer

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    Aug 2003
    What is the approx. cost of materials assuming new purchases.


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    Hi Bill,

    The cost of the purchase items are about $35.00. The cost of the other make itesm will depend on materila that you use and if you do most of the work yourself.



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    Sep 2007

    No luck for Canada?

    Went to try and purchase it, but Scribd is only for the USA?


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    Dec 2007
    I'm trying to access the full plans but they're now only available in the US.

    Can you offer any support please?

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