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    Post Processors

    i was looking at various cad-cam software. i think i may go for mastercam amd i wass just wondering if the post processors are good in there and what options are there in the software. i would need a Hurco post processor namely for 3 axis but also for fourth fuether down the line. any one know where i would be able to get this.

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    Ask the dealer for it when you buy. they should give it to you as part of your deal.
    (Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management)
    Software and hardware sales, contract Programming and Consultant , Cad-Cam Instructor .

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    sorry i didnt clarify that too well at the start. i working with three companies programming their jobs. i have been using pro manufacture and i was looking to change. however one of the companies i working for has the mastercam x4 installed but never got the hurco post processor. i was just wondering if there is anyone who has it so i can try out the software before i invest myself.
    hope someone can help. i would like to get at it soon
    please and thanks

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