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    Feb 2010

    I am starting to crawl

    Hey guy I am new here and will be starting a CNC Mill soon.
    I trained as a Elect Eng but love mechanical challenges.
    My goal is to build a routing mill that will make PCBs.

    I have heaps of questions. Like are the Controllers on Ebay that use the Toshiba TB6560AHQ chip worth while?

    how do I spec my PC? is a Compaq SFF 1800Mh P4 with 2G ram OK? it is probably one of the only one I own that has a Parallel port.

    I stumbled across Small Parts & Bearings. is this the only supplier of Pulleys Belts in AU?

    Cheers & Thanks

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    Jan 2007
    SPB is the only one I have seen. You could use a Smooth Stepper via USB http://homanndesigns.com/store/index...ain_page=index Breakout boards etc here

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    Sorry for the double posting.

    MODs - feel free to delete one.

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    hi Kool-kites
    for belts and pulleys you could try a mob called P.I.E.S. there in melbourne

    they have some good quality belts

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    your pc will be great.
    those toshiba chips are good value, i think ebay has 3.5 amp 4 axis cards which can take 50v. (i think thats right?)
    most smaller nema 34 motors will party with that.
    but, cheap drives all suffer mid band resonance, if you know a cheap way to fix that let me know.

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