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ifm wins 3 German Design Awards 2019

November 2018
Author: ifm group of companies
Company: ifm group of companies
ifm wins 3 German Design Awards 2019

German Design Award 2019 - one winner and two special mentions

On 8 February 2019, the German Design Award will be presented at the world's biggest consumer goods fair, Ambiente, in Frankfurt. Three ifm products will be in the spotlight.

The MVQ101 smart valve sensor and the AL1101 IO-Link master will receive a special mention and the DV1500 light tower will be awarded winner.

"Winner": DV1500 light tower

The DV1500 light tower makes it possible to visualise different machine conditions by means of five different colours. The signal colours can be set via the user-friendly IO-Link PC software. The flexible mounting adapter allows not only for vertical mounting but also for mounting with 90° rotation, without any additional components being required. The inner polygon lens emits sharp and efficient light in the form of a 360° ring. The tinted and impact-resistant lens cover filters the ambient light and ensures clear indication.

"Special Mention": MVQ101 smart valve sensor

The MVQ101 smart valve sensor detects valve positions to the nearest degree and visualises them via the LED ring. The colours of the LED ring can be set individually via a web-based software. Teaching of the valve position can be done without contact via an inductive sensing area on the upper side of the sensor using a metallic object. The circumferential LED ring provides optical feedback visible from every angle and reliably guides the user through the teach operation.

"Special Mention": AL1101 IO-Link master

The AL1101 IO-Link master represents the new generation of industrial communication and links the IT and industry worlds. The IO-Link master meets the high requirements in the food industry and is resistant to chemicals, temperature and liquids. The innovative manufacturing technique offers new freedom in design. Core elements are hydrodynamic free-form surfaces that prevent the deposit of dirt and clearly visible LEDs. The AL1101 is a decentralised data node which allows for cabling to be reduced to a minimum.

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the German Design Council. The goal: to discover, present and award unique design trends. Every year, top-class entries from product and communication design that are ground-breaking in the international design landscape are awarded. The German Design Award, initiated in 2012, is one of the most prestigious design competitions worldwide and enjoys a high reputation in the public.

In each category, a certain number of design products are awarded winners. For each category, there is an own jury of experts.

The special mention certificate is given to products whose design features particularly successful individual aspects or partial solutions - a title that rewards the commitment of companies and designers.



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