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Visit ifm at Airside International GSE & Ramp Ops 2018

August 2018
Author: ifm
Company: ifm group of companies
Visit ifm at Airside International GSE & Ramp Ops 2018

✈ ifm has quite a lot to offer on the subject of airport and aircraft technology. So visit ifm at the expert Airside International GSE & Ramp Ops 2018 Event (11/09 until 13/09) in Dubrovnik (stand 20).

Talk with our experts and learn everything about the 3D smart sensors from ifm. Or get information during the discussion of "Preventing Aircraft Damage". ifm is looking forward to meet you!

Lern more about O3M 3D Smart Sensor - Your assistant on mobile machines

ifm has developed a new generation of 3D Smart Sensors to further increase the level of automation of mobile machines and achieve even greater efficiency.

Height and distance control for airport vehicles

Assistance for aircraft tractors
By monitoring a pre-defined area, the 3D sensor can either provide an end position message or a contour image of the nose wheel to the machine control system.

Positioning assistance for support vehicles
More than 1,000 individual measurements precisely detect the target area of the aircraft. Customer-specific application solutions can be implemented fast and easily using altogether 64 'regions of interest' (ROIs), i.e. individual regions whose distances are to be monitored.

Height control for tankers
The integrated distance function 'minimum distance' can monitor up to 64 selectable points above the tanker simultaneously. The driver can, for example, be supported when he positions the tanker underneath the aeroplane wing or is informed if the wing is lowered.


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