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Know-how for breakfast: EtherCAT seminars in South Africa

October 2018
ifm electronic
Author: ifm electronic
Company: ifm group of companies
Know-how for breakfast: EtherCAT seminars in South Africa

From 10 to 17 October 2018, the EtherCAT breakfast seminars took place in South Africa. The ifm group of companies is one of the sponsors and member of the EtherCAT Breakfast Technology Group.

The half-day seminars focus on the EtherCAT technology and its applications. They include a detailed introduction to the technology as well as user-oriented presentations ranging from installation and troubleshooting to seamless transition from conventional fieldbus systems to EtherCAT. All contents of the seminars refer to the practical use of EtherCAT and the advantages of this technology compared to conventional fieldbus systems.

By becoming a sponsor, companies promote EtherCAT products and the technology. Besides, EtherCAT products are presented and explained in the context of the breakfast seminars.


Function and composition of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG):

The ETG is a global user organisation consisting of manufacturers of EtherCAT devices, technology providers and users who wish to advance EtherCAT. The fieldbus organisation has 5030 member companies.


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