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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > 0i MD corner round between G2 and G1?
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    0i MD corner round between G2 and G1?

    Either I've done this and forgotten or managed to miss it all these years:

    Got a G2 with I and J for centre, blending to a G1 through an R3 corner rad, controller doesn't like the R3 after the I/J which seems obvious as it looks like i'm controlling the G2 with both I/J and R?
    (cutter on outside creating island, G41 crc)


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    Re: 0i MD corner round between G2 and G1?

    Please post the code your machine doesn't like so we might be able to help you. Not sure where you're getting the use of an R3 in your code. I understand you have a 3 radius in your part.

    Your code should consist of two G1 moves intermixed with six G2 moves including their proper I and J qualifiers. No R's in there anywhere.

    G2 I J
    G2 I J
    G2 I J
    G2 I J
    G2 I J
    G2 I J

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