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    1100mx operator console wifi

    I don't find any documentation supporting the console other than specs and install. When I type admin network. I can see wifi options, but not my network ssid which has a repeater 3 feet away from the console. I also cannot see the ssid from the house. My phone can see many ssid including both of mine in the same location. Thoughts?

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    Re: 1100mx operator console wifi

    I'm assuming you have bought the WiFi adapter from Tormach?
    First, wait a little bit, and try again. Sometimes, wifi scanning takes a bit.
    Second, do you see any wifi networks at all?
    Third, are your home Wifi networks 5.8 GHz or 2.4 GHz? Maybe there's a difference for what the wifi adapter supports?
    I would also ask whether you're in another country where the wifi might need to be set to a different band range, but you're listed as US, so that's unlikely to be the problem.

    I'm just using an old $15 USB Wifi b/g dongle from Amazon, and it sees my networks, so I can't really help more than this.
    Anything listed as "works with linux" should just work when plugged in and waiting a little bit (or, worst case, rebooting the controller.)

    The good news is, if you bought it from Tormach, they can probably answer questions on the phone about it!

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    Re: 1100mx operator console wifi

    If I'm not mistaken, the operator console comes with it's own integrated wifi module (could be a dongle inside the enclosure, no idea really, but the description says it's there) so the usual Tormach supplied dongle isn't necessary with that add-on. The fact that it's showing other networks indicates that wifi is functioning so I think the 2.4ghz vs 5ghz idea is where it's at. I have a dual band router broadcasting at both frequencies but my machine only picks up the 2.4ghz ssid. Given what the wifi is intended to be used for on these machines, there's no need for the bandwidth of a 5ghz connection so I would assume the module or dongle is spec'd to a lower price point that doesn't include that capability. All of that is speaking solely as a semi-professional IT guy so I could be way off given the Tormach context but that would be my theory for any other device that was behaving as described.

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    Re: 1100mx operator console wifi

    to troubleshoot you can open a terminal window : control + alt + x
    the type ifconfig

    look for wlan0 or wlan1 and check if your wifi adapter got an ipv4 address (something like 192.168.1.xxx)

    If you dont see wlan0 or wlan1 interface then you have an issue with your wifi adapter

    I have found the wifi to usb doungle to be unreliable on the controller (mostly because the use an old linux kernel) so instead I bought a 15$ bridge on amazon, connected that bridge to my wifi and ran an ethernet cable form the bridge to the PP controler - much more reliable

    hope this helps

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    Re: 1100mx operator console wifi

    My console does not have integrated wireless. It shipped with a tiny dongle that occupies one of the USB ports at the top of the case.

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