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    1994 Bystronic Bystar 3015 Laser

    Looking for manuals. Also looking for help doing beam alignment and routine maintenance plan.


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    Re: 1994 Bystronic Bystar 3015 Laser

    I may be able to find some manuals on my computer tomorrow. I have not worked on a bystar yet, but Ive maintained byspeeds and bysprint fibers for the last 10 years. Do you have any prior experience with bystronics or lasers in general? I might be able to walk you through some stuff. if your machine is registered with them, they have lifetime tech support, and the hotline guys are great. They might not give you a lot of instruction on alignment without some experience though.

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    Re: 1994 Bystronic Bystar 3015 Laser

    I found the manuals. They don't teach beam alignment.Looks like you have to go to a training course for that. Bought the machine used. Have some experience. Problem now is cutting 3/8" mild steel cut looks great, go to cut 3/8" A514 (100K) it cuts bad, looks like a beaver chewed it.

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    Re: 1994 Bystronic Bystar 3015 Laser


    Bean alignment has 2 ways to do

    - use an ink pad, put the ink on the nozzle and use sticky paper and magnifier
    - use a matte tape and use mirror to look underneath

    If you look at the front of the head you have 2 screws to turn on speed : if you turn it to clockwise it moves the alignment towards to the spin, anti-clockwise away from the spin. On the STAR don't ask me why, but the other way around.

    2 ways to do the tapeshot

    - SERV button on top ( CENTER NOZZLE ) then cont.
    - go to HAND mode and select manual mode. On the controller press "pulse" button. This way you can move the head around and check the alignment on 4 corners of the bed. If you set it up accurate in the front but its out on the other end of the bed, you know your beam alignment is out.

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    electrical equipment manuals for bystar 3015

    does any one have any of the following bystar 3015 manuals or inform me of a place where i can get them
    1-spare parts catalogue
    2-electrical equipment

    it will be greatly appreciated.

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