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    Please lend your expertise and help me build my new machine!

    Hi everyone. Thank you for looking at my post! Here is my situation: I have a $30,000 budget (max), I need 300 watts, CO2, 1 tube (not dual setup), I want the best tube I can afford ( I need brand recommendations) 8' x '4 cutting area, I need it to be as quick as possible, I will be cutting 3/4" thick mdf, thick plywood and acrylic and eventually 2-3mm stainless steel (with oxy-assist). Other specs not mentioned here are open for suggestion as well (suggestions very welcome!). What say yee, o' masters of the laser?! Thank you to all of you who respond in advance, and thank you for your patience with me -- I'm no beginner but I'm no expert either.
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