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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > 3040 chineese Cnc with MAch 3 . Need Help please
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    3040 chineese Cnc with MAch 3 . Need Help please

    Dear All

    I am very new into this subject. Actually I am a hobbiest of wood working. I recently purchased a chineese 3040 cnc machine with Redonda Controll box.

    I amanged to work it but I have some problems about the axis and Mach 3 as well.

    Firstly when I operate the machine manually with the arrows keys , pressing right or left arrow makes machine move at y axis which must be movment in X axis.
    when pressing forward and rear keys it moves left and right on x axis. So I think there is a wrong settings about the axises.
    There is no problem with the z axis. up and down moves with the right direction.

    So I need your help to correct this issue.

    In addition to these with nthe defaults that I mentioned above, I have prepared a model for carving (only my name)at artcam and convert it to g code.
    I imported it in mach 3 which is everything looks fine and the model lying along the x axis. when I hit cycle start maching started to engrave the model along the y axis as mirrored.

    Please find attached screen shot of mach 3 model and the video link proeccesing to make you understand easier about my problems

    I couldnt understand why its working like that while it looks ok in Mach 3

    Thank you for your time in advance


    Sorry all for disturbing and I dont know if this subject is asked before but as I said I am new to everything

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    Re: 3040 chineese Cnc with MAch 3 . Need Help please

    This may sound silly, but have you tried just swapping the X and Y axis cables?

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    Re: 3040 chineese Cnc with MAch 3 . Need Help please

    Actually I didnt .. MAchine came to me assembled and I really dont want to touch anything before get some information from here.

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    Re: 3040 chineese Cnc with MAch 3 . Need Help please

    Try reassigning the hot keys

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    Re: 3040 chineese Cnc with MAch 3 . Need Help please

    Swap your pin assignments of x & y in ports/pins page.
    Try that.

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