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    A qualified mechanical engineer should have knowledge

    A qualified mechanical engineer should have basic knowledge in eight areas:

    1. Proficient in engineering drawing standards and representation methods. Master the selection and labeling of tolerance fits.

    2. Familiar with the properties, test methods and selection of commonly used metal materials. Master the principle of heat treatment of steel, familiar with the common methods of heat treatment of metal materials and their selection. Learn about the types and applications of commonly used engineering plastics, specialty ceramics, optical fibers and nanomaterials.

    3. Master the basic knowledge and skills of mechanical product design, and be able to skillfully design parts and components. Familiar with the design procedures and basic technical elements of mechanical products, able to use electronic computers for auxiliary design of parts, familiar with practical design methods, and understand modern design methods.

    4. Master the basic knowledge and skills of formulating the process, be able to skillfully formulate the processing process of typical parts, and analyze and solve the general process problems that occur on site. Familiar with the basic technical content, methods and characteristics of casting, pressure processing, welding, cutting (grinding) processing, special processing, surface coating treatment, assembly and other mechanical manufacturing processes, and master some key points. Familiar with the process scheme and process equipment design knowledge. Understand the principles and knowledge of production line design and workshop layout.

    5. Familiar with occupational safety regulations, ethics and legal knowledge. Familiar with the basics of economics and management. Understand the concept and application of management innovation. 6. Familiar with quality management and quality assurance system, master the basic tools and methods of process control, and understand quality testing technology.

    7. Familiar with the basic knowledge of computer applications. Familiar with the composition, role and control program of computer numerical control (CNC) system. Understand the basic concepts of computer simulation and the characteristics and applications of commonly used computer software.

    8. Understand the relevant knowledge of mechanical manufacturing automation.

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