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    Hi all,

    I have a falcon lathe with an A2100 control that had been working fine
    up till now. The machine sat for a few months and now I get a blank
    screen when I push the start button. - nothing- I remember having this problem with
    other machines we had in the past and it was usually a simple fix.

    Anyone know where to start ?



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    Re: A2100 CONTROL HELP

    Look at the power supply in the A2100 control box, is the fan running, do you have 220 vac at the black plug, is the green light on inside the small open window on the left bottom of the control box. Do you have power in the mag panel?

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    CRT or LCD screen? I have had to replace a lot of backlights over the past few years.

    Be careful throwing the power off without at least trying to shut it down. If it is the backlight, the control is still loading and killing power during the software load can corrupt your hard drive (givimg you 2 things to fix.

    Also possible a dead battery on the WS board. There were a few of the boards that couldnt boot up it the CMOS battery died.

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    Re: A2100 CONTROL HELP

    As Mav said, you might run into problems with the hard drive turning on a off. I would disconnect the hard drive to eliminate any chance of corrupting it.

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