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IndustryArena Forum > General Maintenance > SERVICE FOR CNC-MACHINES > Abnormal Program Termination at start up
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    Question Abnormal Program Termination at start up

    What we have is a,

    Anilam 5000M-3X
    Serial: 1129595216
    D of M: 2005
    PC Firmware version: 3.21A
    DSP Firmware version: 2.50X-5
    DOS version: 6.22

    Problem encountered: At boot up memory check clears, finds bootable section on C: drive, Starts ROM DOS, Software option screen comes up, <Select> control software,

    Abnormal Program Termination: Memory Protection Fault
    CS:EIP= 000CH:00047C04h

    C:\P5M> Divide By Zero

    We have replaced, in steps, the CMOS battery, reconfigured BIOS, reinstalled the last machine configuration, changed the RAM with new, scanned the hard drive for errors and at each step we still get the same message every time. 5 and 12 volt power checks out good.

    And on two occasions we have observed the following message after a reboot:

    ROM DOS Fatal Error, Memory Corrupted

    Any Ideas????? Thank you

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    Re: Abnormal Program Termination at start up

    I have narrowed it down to external cache memory has failed.

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    Re: Abnormal Program Termination at start up

    OK so the thing got a new CPU put in it, BIOS set, and Configuration file loaded.
    System boots up without error.
    But now two axis, X and Y run away. Z holds fine and is steady.
    No manual pulse generator control but manual jog buttons work with Z.
    Alternated X and Y to Z's amplifier, still runs away. And the tach wires.
    Can get X or Y to hold steady using the balance function of the motion set up and testing.
    But as soon as I put back in manual she's running away again.
    So I have eliminated the servo and amp as probable cause.
    DSP board?

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