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    Adhesive to bond 6061?

    I came accross a cheap sheet of 6061 20mm. Building a piece of equipment I am going to bond two pieces together at approx 500mm x 300mm to get a final piece after machining flat say 38mm. It will be bolted and also I want to glue for extra rigidity. I spoke to a Sika rep who said (after reading their site otherwise) that it was impossible.

    So this component will be subject to loads and vibration.

    Anyone know or recommend a glue? B

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    Re: Adhesive to bond 6061?

    Hysol EPK1C. Be certain that your parts are surgically clean before using. Do not apply excess pressure if bolting the assembly together wet.

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    Re: Adhesive to bond 6061?

    Hi Boydage - There are many epoxy and PU systems that will bond aluminium as you want. If you use a liquid epoxy I recommend you use a 25g glass tissue between the sheets. This will control your bondline and ensure you have no zero thickness bondline spots. 25g tissue is 0.2mm thick. Its important to follow the suppliers instructions. Epoxy does not like surface moisture so a flame prep or at least a hot gun over the surface before you apply the epoxy is good to remove the surface moisture.

    Loctite also supply anaerobic adhesives for metal to metal adhesive. They may be the go in this case, speak to your local loctite supplier. Peter

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