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Thread: Alphacam saw

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    Alphacam saw

    I welcome the people!
    Can someone tell me on this issue.
    Need a conclusion of the angles in the strategy of "Saw".
    As I understand it, the derivation of angles goes through the calculation of trigonometric equations
    with the famous "unit vector".

    I do not display a "unit vector" in all options of the "Saw" strategy
    What am I doing:
    I take a post-processor where I leave only a block of working moves
    with the conclusion of a unit vector.

    Sawing rectangles.
    The vector is wrong, it does not change.

    I put a checkbox so that you can cut arcs
    Sawing a rectangle and an arc.
    The vector is correct, changing.

    How to display corners?
    Sorry for english, I use an online translator.

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    Re: Alphacam saw

    do u have a post for disc using 5 axies?

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