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    Amada Press Brake

    We just bought a used Amada 12 Foot Press Brake RG170 ProneCam. We started off by bending .080 ALUM and it bent and cycled through fine but when we changed the program to run .050 ALUM it bent the part but wouldnt cycle through to the next bend but if you take the part out and press the pedel it cycles through with no problems. Could anyone help me with this?

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    Look to see what your max tonnage is set to. It could be off

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    If you cycle it through without material will it go forward.. How old is the brake

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    Also make sure you are on foot pedal and not tooling on the key switch..

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    Re: Amada Press Brake

    You can refer to article titled Troubleshooting 56 Press Brake Bending Problems (With Analysis and Proved Solutions)

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