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    Any one use a 440 for.......

    Fluting rifle bolts with the rotary attachment ?~

    Im just wondering if it can be done.


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    Re: Any one use a 440 for.......

    I haven't but there's no reason it couldn't be done. My experience running a 440 is almost pointless to talk about because I knew absolutely NOTHING about machining or CNC back then (all of a year ago). I've learned so much since my days playing with the 440 at the local college but most of my knowledge is based on my 1100 that can be pushed a lot harder. I can say with certainty that an idiot with a 1/2" ball end mill was successful in cutting 4140 to a depth of about .05" (1.4mm) in a single pass. No memory of my speeds and feeds so all I can tell you is that I did it. Adding the rotary axis makes the programming somewhat more complex but shouldn't change the machining aspect of it.

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