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    Any Thoughts on T-Nutz extrusions?

    I am pricing out my desktop machine and wanted to see if anybody had any thoughts on T-Nutz' extrusions.

    The one time I got extrusions from them, I had mixed results. Some were fine, some had anodizing marks on them and some were packed without a paper wrap so they would scratch each other. There were leftover chips on most of them.

    But maybe I just got a sloppy guy. Interested in hearing your stories.

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    Re: Any Thoughts on T-Nutz extrusions?

    Never used them. At work we use extrusions from Bosch,80/20 and a few others. Nobody is perfect but you have already had an experience you didn’t like. By the way if you are ordering customs machining I don’t think anybody will send you completely burr free, chip free extrusions.

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