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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Mastercam > Anybody have an open source Mazak VCU-500A-5X post they can share?
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    Anybody have an open source Mazak VCU-500A-5X post they can share?

    If anyone has an open post for the Mazak for mastercam 2018, 2019, or 2020, they could share we'd appreciate it.

    I had a programmer leaving here for a higher paying job in his home state, offer us a deal to make a post for our Mazak VCU500A-5X in exchange for gap family health insurance coverage which is not really cheap. If I could get a post that was close it might help him need less time to proof it, tweak it, and get it to us.

    I think the new job has him working 3-4 hours more per day, and all month where this one was 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, so his time is more scarce than what he was working with when he made that offer. It would be great to help reduce the time burden so he can deliver on his end of the deal.

    The Mazak VCU500A-5X is a Y aligned trunion tilt machine that tilts the rotary to the left as you look into the cabinet.

    Open source posts are neat because they are open to edit quick if you can find the thing that needs the edit.

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    Re: Anybody have an open source Mazak VCU-500A-5X post they can share?

    I ended up signing a contract last week to trade in the Mazak on a new Doosan machine we have a working post for. I had no idea who with Mazak can provide assistance, and the Mazak knowledgable employee we had hired, who we paid to figure out how to operate the machine, didn't cross train or share any knowledge with anyone on the manufacturing team. Buying the post by itself wouldn't solve our lack of understanding of the Mazak even if the post was correctly configured out the gate, so the whole thing would have been a leap of faith in Mazak a company that has really no working relationship with us, and the software reseller that has been having some staffing issues.

    We never got the post delivery from the mastercam dealer sim holder who had personal working time with the machine and who we paid for the post. With his working knowledge of the machine we had trusted him where the dealer might have sold us a post we would need to "prove out" and we just didn't have good working knowledge of the Mazak machine or Mitsubishi control to be able to do that.

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