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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > DIY CNC Router Table Machines > CNC Router Parts > Anyone ever add bellows covers to their gantry?
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    Anyone ever add bellows covers to their gantry?

    My machine is a cncrp4896 pro. I have been cutting aluminum a lot recently and i cannot control the chips as much as I want to. I am looking around to see if anyone has added bellows to the gantry to cover the bearing rails. I have covers over the y axis, not bellows though. They work very well for me and are super simple fabric covers that I made from outdoor fabric and some 3d printed brackets to hold them in place.

    I am not familiar enough with bellows to understand if they will compress enough when the router moves to either end. Also, I am not sure of what sizes I would get. I see there are some that cover individual rails and some that cover, seemingly, 2 rails because of the width. I think I would have to design a way to attach them to the bearing ends. That is easy enough.

    Maybe I am overthinking it though. Does it matter much or can I rely on the wipers in the bearings to keep chips from entering?

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    Re: Anyone ever add bellows covers to their gantry?

    I have been thinking about it since I upgraded to true square linear rail on my machine.

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