Hi guys,

Does anyone have a Servopack CPCR-MR-054 manual? Specifically the connections to the two 2x10 JAE connectors at the top? I've got the TSE-C717-13E.pdf manual which specifically covers the 052, but mentions the 054 as well.

The 054 drive has the same JAE 20 pin (2x10) connectors as the 052 drive has (two of them). Looking at the 052 board, it looks identical to the 054, which seems reasonable since the 052 board is for a "cup motor", and the 054 is for the "Minerta motor J series".

The manual shows the connections, but lists it as a single Honda MR-20 RMA connector. Which isn't the case, it says "JAE" on the connector, and there are two of them.

And I've identified several connections to the left-most connector, including 1,2,3 & 11 tied to ground. 6 & 16 tied together and goes to the top alarm relay, 7 & 17 tied to together and goes to the second alarm relay, and 8 & 18 tied together which is the common for relays 1 & 2. As well as the emitter and collector for presumably the TG output. None of these connections match the manual.

Nor does it show where the forward and reverse overtravel limit switches get wired (it doesn't even show them).

So the upshot of all this is that the manual isn't for this drive.

For reference, here are some pictures of the control board that I have:


Same here:


Any help would be greatly appreciated!