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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Spindles / VFD > Anyone local that I can pay to come troubleshoot and fix.... E-550 VFD, 4.5KW and M3
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    Unhappy Anyone local that I can pay to come troubleshoot and fix.... E-550 VFD, 4.5KW and M3

    Hi, I own a KL-1212 that I purchased in 2017 from Automation Technologies (Chinese Machine). Last week my Spindle seized up would not spin freely causing the vfd to fault out. I run the machine 7 days a week 10-12 hours a day and it has been a work horse with limited issues. It had a E-300 VFD and 2.2KW air cooled spindle. I decided since I needed to replace the spindle I would upgrade to a 4.5KW air cooled and ordered a new E-550 VFD that would run it. I removed the old e-300 Noted where each wire was and then installed the new E-550. The Green & Black was again connected to the CM spot, The Yellow was connected again to the AI spot and left the red?? It was connected to the FWD spot which seamed to be for clockwise rotation in the 300. Best I could determine online was that it should now connect to the X1 in the new controller?? The main bar all got connect exactly the same old to new. I then set all my parameters in the VFD (to test via the vfd)

    F0.00 = 3 (testing)
    F0.02 = 1000 (testing)
    F0.04 = 300
    F0.05 = 5
    F0.06 = 5
    F0.11 = 0 (also tried 1.0 as that was the setting from the e-300)
    F0.12 = 300
    F0.13 = 220
    F1.00 = 0
    F1.01 = 10V
    F1.03 = 0
    F1.04 = 300
    F1.08 = 11
    F1.14 = 8

    I did not change any wires on the breakout relay card that was original to the machine (not sure the brand of breakout board):drowning: or from the ESS smooth stepper board I replace last year... I figured this should be a pretty easy pull one vfd install and set parameters for new one and replace spindle and press GO... lol. When I test from the VFD: I hit Run spindle smoothly accelerates and runs beautiful, speed adjusts easily with the knob. Then when I load a simple file in Mach 3 and hit run the cnc head raises and moves correctly along x,y,z axis like it is running the code - but the spindle never come on and spins

    Is there anyone out there than can please help me on this one either local or online... willing to pay if local and can come find the missing piece of this puzzle to get me back running! I have about 8 orders waiting on the machine to be back up and am running out of time. I did also try figuring out if it was a Mach 3 setting issue (perhaps because of X1 location) but I am lost when it comes to figuring out the ports and pins - motor and spindle settings - the settings for Mach were all set in a config file when I bought the machine

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    Re: Anyone local that I can pay to come troubleshoot and fix.... E-550 VFD, 4.5KW an

    I am located in Wellsville Ohio - about 45 minutes from Pittsburgh and 1:30 from Cleveland... Any help live or online would be huge!

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    Re: Anyone local that I can pay to come troubleshoot and fix.... E-550 VFD, 4.5KW an

    Sorry I'm not close to you but , I had a spindle upgraded and I ran into issues with a setting for a braking resistor which I had no clue about, maybe you're having same issue.

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