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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > SheetCam > Post Processor Files > Aspire post processor (pp) for generic 6090 CNC using RichAuto B58 4th axis rotary
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    Aspire post processor (pp) for generic 6090 CNC using RichAuto B58 4th axis rotary

    Group, I need your help with either a correction in Aspire 10, pp file, or RichAuto B58 dsp settings.

    I decided to do an upgrade from RichAuto A11 3axis (x,y,z, rotary x wrap around y) to B58 4axis (x,y,z,a with additional drive) on Chinese 6090 CNC. A axis (rotary) pulse set to 13.3 pluses/mm for 0.5 deg turn on rotary. Used Axiom Elite pp for Aspire b/c they use the same DSP (took the line # feature out). Confirmed DSP is able to move all axis via the pad.

    Created a test file output from Aspire using a rotary project with a simple wrap around on-line profile path to check 360 deg rotary turn:


    When run on the RichAuto B58 DSP, the spindle fires up, goes down, but then goes back up without doing the rotation. I do not see anything wrong with the code. Ran another file with a spiral that showed 4.25 complete turns based on spacing and Y distance but when I run it, Y distance is met but A axis only turns about 90 deg.

    So what am I missing? Anyone have the config for the B58 or a pp that they know translate correctly from Aspire 10 to gcode, or is it a setting I am overlooking?

    Thank you in advance for any guidance that can get me past this hurdle.

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    Re: Aspire post processor (pp) for generic 6090 CNC using RichAuto B58 4th axis rotar

    command M03[S] must be together
    in you code this is in different line
    some machine use [S]M03

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